Dating is a part of life; men, women, and teenagers do it. If you like a girl, go for it and ask her on a date. However, you should not ask in a few situations. These situations, which are highlighted below, often lead to trouble.

If you don’t want to be alone at a group event. So, are a bunch of your friends going to a movie, concert, or bar? Are you the only one who doesn’t have a date? You may want to find one right away. It is okay to ask a girl on a date if you don’t want to be alone at a group event, but only if you are truly interested in her.

Never use a girl and don’t settle for third or fourth-best. Does the girl you like not want to attend or have other plans? Instead of searching for an acceptable backup, go alone or ask a female friend. If you do opt for a female friend, make sure your intentions are clear.

If you are pressured into doing so. Whether you are a high school student or an adult, we all experience pressure in our lives from friends and family. Are all of your close friends in a committed relationship? If so, you may be pressured to join the club. In fact, your friends may point to a woman at a bar or the park and suggest you make contact and ask for a date.

Once again, go for it if you do like the woman in question, but don’t if you are only succumbing to pressure. Only date girls who you are truly interested in. Not only will it prevent them from getting hurt, but it will save you a lot of time in money. So, don’t succumb to pressure. Haven’t found the right girl yet? Who cares what your friends think. She will come along soon.

If you only like her looks. Of course, you want to date an attractive person. Who doesn’t? However, don’t make it the only reason you ask a girl out. Before asking for a date, get to know her. Make sure you like her personality as much as you like her looks. The good news is that this only takes a few minutes. Strike up a conversation and see what she has to say. What topics does she like to discuss? What are her interests? If she is beautiful and has a great personality, ask for a date.

Another reason why you should look beyond looks is that a girl can be beautiful, but have an awful personality. Find this out before you waste time and money on a first date.

If you have an ulterior motive. As previously stated, you do not want to use a girl. Asking a girl on a date because you don’t want to be alone is consider using, but the ultimate form of use is to get something you want. Does the girl have the ability to score hard-to-get concert tickets? Is she a boss at your work? Is she rich? Of course, ask her on a date, if you truly do like her, but don’t if you are only looking to benefit from her connections.

In short, you should ask a girl or a woman out on a date because you really are interested in her. Not because you have something to gain from doing so. In terms of ulterior motives and dating, it tends to conjure up a lot of trouble.

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