Is the sizzle gone? Do you wonder if you’ll ever feel that special feeling again? Are you ready to give it one more go? Great, you want romance?

Check out these 29 tips for a more romantic life.

1. Sit and turn all lights off. Light candles and listen to love songs and sing to each other.

2. Write love notes to your partner and put them in places you know they will find them. i.e.; the medicine cabinet, the fridge, purse, wallet, inside laptop, briefcase, on the steering wheel in their car etc…

3. Buy your partner a bunch of small gifts and then every time you catch them doing something right, give them one and say thanks for what they did.

4. Dress up nice for your partner for no special reason.

5. Buy her 11 roses and then buy one artificial rose. When you give her the bouquet tell her that you’ll love her until the last rose dies.

6. Give your partner a head rub.

7. Write a nice note telling your partner 10 things I love about you and put it on the mirror before they get up so it’s one of the first things they see in the morning.

8. Make an obscene phone call to them in the middle of the day.

9. Compliment your partner every day to improve your relationship. Tell them one nice thing every day. i.e.; your hair looks wonderful, you are so smart, and you make me so happy.

10. Take a bubble bath together and wash each other.

11. Do a couple of your partner chores for them so they will be more rested and more in the mood for romance.

12. Brush each other’s hair.

13. Put lotion on each other back.

14. Give each other a full body massage

15. When your partner comes home from a hard day, great them with soft music, candles, and a fabulous dinner already set on the table.

16. Do a sexy dance for them.

17. When your partner gets home surprise them by setting them down, taking off their shoes, and giving them a foot massage just because.

18. Snuggle up on the couch together under a warm cozy blanket and tickle each other’s stomachs.

19. Light scented candles all over the room to fill the air with your partner’s favorite fragrance.

20. Feed each other chocolate or grapes while listening to soft music by candlelight.

21. Go back to where you first met or had your first date and romance your partner with flowers and candles all over the place.

22. Spell out “I Love You” with Hershey’s Kisses on the bed.

23. Have a pillow or tickle fight.

24. Make a trail of rose petals from the front door to the bathroom. Have the tub running with bubbles and a lot of aromatherapy candles burning with the lights out.

25. Take a 3 day weekend together at a spa and get pampered together.

26. Go up behind them and wrap your arms around their waist and nibbler on their neck.

27. Get a set of kid’s watercolor finger paints and paint each other from head to toe in the shower.

28. Make arrows out of pennies leading to the bedroom where you have set up a candle, champagne, and soft music.

29. Print this article and hang it on the fridge to give your partner ideas too.

Keep thinking of new ways to keep your romance alive. Your life will be more enjoyable for both of you. As long as you treat each other to special memories the flame will keep burning in your relationship.