1-Become an Influencer
If you love taking gorgeous pictures surrounding something other people love such as travel, beauty, or fashion you can make some serious money and you get to have fun doing it.

2-Answer Questions
If you are an expert in a field like law, medicine, or tech? You could easily make extra money by answering people’s questions on a website like Just Answer.

3-Sell Your Services on Fiverr
You can sell your services such as draw a picture, create logo on Fiverr, and make some quick bucks.

4-Sell Handmade Goods on Etsy
If you’re into crafts and arts you might want to sell your unique creations on Etsy and make some side income.

5-Buy and Resell Stuff Online
Find discounted items at your local store, flea markets, and even thrift stores, that’s selling for twice as much on Amazon or eBay. This method is called “retail arbitrage.” But if you find something online really cheap that you can resell online for more, it’s called “online arbitrage.”

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