Building Trust to Build a Better Relationship

Are you honest with your partner? Are they honest with you? If you want to have, a healthy relationship is imperative that you are completely honest with each other. Once you have caught, or have been caught in a lie is very difficult to trust each other.

When you trust each other, you will not need to wonder what the other one is doing when you are not together because you will know that they are trustworthy. Telling the truth helps maintain your faith in each other and strengthens your relationship. Without trust, it is nearly impossible to have strong, loving, lasting relationships. So before you go and tell a lie to a partner, think twice.

When you are honest with your partner, you show them respect for their feelings. Honesty is the very foundation of any good relationship. By being true and honest you are expressing your love to your partner. Everyone deserves honesty.

Follow these simple tips to build a strong relationship

1. Be honest about your job, the hours you work, your pay, and the people you work with. If you have a meeting with someone of the opposite sex, don’t tell your partner you are working with someone else. You may think you are sparing their
feelings of jealousy. However, if they find out, you were not truthful the first thing they will think is you are hiding something. You will at times have to work with others that your spouse could be jealous of, however, if you have an honest
relationship this would not be the case as you would have trust between you.

2. Do not tell your partner that you have the same dreams and goals if that is not the case. When they ask you to start working on them, you will become bored and resent doing it. Then if you blurt it out that you never wanted this anyway, how do you think they will feel?

3. If your partner asks you what’s wrong, tell them, and be honest. Don’t say, “Nothing” when it is, something. Tell your partner the truth and work it out. Unless you are open and honest about your needs and wants, how can they help you achieve them?

4. You should both be honest about how you feel about each other’s friends. If your partner has a friend who you, absolutely cannot stand, don’t tell them you like them or you’ll wind up doing things with them and resent it. Work it out so that
when you go out with friends as a couple you go with the ones that you both like. When you go out alone with friends choose the ones your partner would rather not hang out with.

The best way to show respect for your partner is, to be honest with them. After all, if you can’t be honest with them, who can you be honest with? Remember that being honest will build a strong foundation for a long and happy relationship.