Is it possible to live happily ever after? A good marriage is something you have to work at. Both partners have to be willing to work at it. You will need lots of tender loving care to keep your relationship fresh and exciting. When you are both willing to give and receive, the chance for survival of your relationship is

Tips for keeping your marriage strong and satisfying

1. Whether you are just married or have been together for many years, in order to build a strong relationship you must learn how to communicate effectively. Listen to your partner and be sure you understand what they are trying to convey. Give each other your full attention when you are talking. Look at your partner in the eyes when they are speaking to help you really understand them. Don’t just hear. Acknowledge that what has been said is clearly understood.

2. Never assume you know how your partner feels about anything. Just because you like something doesn’t volunteer them to do it with you. ASK! Always give them the courtesy to see if they want to do it.

3. Catch them doing something good. When your partner does something good, Say, I caught you! Then proceed to thank them for doing such a wonderful thing and tell them how much you appreciate it. You’ll be surprised how far a little appreciation goes. When you make an effort to let your partner, know they made you happy you will find they will try to repeat doing kind things for the recognition.

4. Do something together every week that you both enjoy. Take classes together, go hiking, fishing, read poetry to each other. Find any interests that you can share and do these things often.

5. Be your partner’s best friend. Cheer them on when they are working toward something they want. Hold their hand when they need it and give them a shoulder to cry on. Share dreams and goals and work together. Let them know you are proud of them when they accomplish goals.

6. Never neglect your partner. Don’t get so wrapped up in your own life that you completely forget the everyday niceties. Kiss and hug them every day. Don’t spend the whole weekend out with friends or watching TV. Make it a point to do
something each weekend with your partner and you will grow closer together and have more in common to talk about.

7. “Never go to bed angry” sometimes this can be hard to do however, it is so important. Once you let anger simmer for too long, it becomes much easier to come to a full boil and before you know it, you never work out any problems you just go to bed or leave the house to avoid them. Learn to agree to disagree if need be to keep the peace. This will only work if you are totally honest about agreeing that it is ok to disagree at times especially if it is a minor problem. Don’t waste time being angry about the small things?

8. It is OK to admit you are wrong. If you are wrong, admit it. Your pride will not keep you warm at night and a bad marriage is a high price to pay for it. You can live together in harmony despite your individual differences. Practice these
things and be sure to work out any fights before you go to bed.
Love and cherish each other. Build a strong bond by being loving and honest with each other.