25 Easy Dating Tips That Every Single Person Should Know

1. Don’t date out of desperation.
Never date just because you are desperate of having a relationship. This is because it can lead to having someone whom you may want to change for the better, in the future. Aside from that, since desperation can cloud your judgment, you may end up with someone who will just make you more insecure.

2. Don’t date other people to make someone jealous.
When you are dating another person just to make someone jealous about it, then you are not doing anyone a favor. This is because; you might end up showing the other person that you really like him or her. Aside from that, chances are, you might also suggest that you really are enjoying yourself with another company when you are not.

3. Be yourself.
Being yourself in dating can go a long way, especially if you are on a quest to finding a person to have a healthy relationship with. This is because when you won’t be hiding anything from your date, you can be assured that he would be accepting you just the way you are, if your relationship grows.

4. Don’t date to play games.
Dating can involve emotions of people who are included in it. Therefore, if you are looking at dating, as something that you enjoy just like your games, then you should rethink it. This is because playing games with people’s emotions is not a good idea. Thus, it is best to see it as something that is serious, since, just like you, other people also do not want to get hurt.

5. Have a life.
If you have found a date whom you really like, it is very important that you are still aware of your priorities. Thus, you should not become dependent on him or her, so that he would see you as someone who is independent and confident. If you won’t focus on having your own life, then you might end up neglecting yourself, your friends, family, or even your work.

6. Your smell.
Smelling good is very important on a date. Thus, using a good perfume or even just a good smelling cologne would already impress your date. Aside from that, you should always make sure that you wear a reliable deodorant, since if you sweat and its odor mixes with your perfume, then you might need to kiss your chances of having a second date goodbye.

7. Use the name of your date.
Using the name of your date all throughout the night on your conversation would help you a lot. By doing that, you would actually be helping yourself in remembering his or her name, since you are constantly saying it. Aside from that, it can also create a more intimate atmosphere between you and your date.

8. Never interrupt.
Interrupting someone while he or she is talking is not a good idea, especially on a date. Unless if you want to annoy your date, you should never interrupt while he or she is talking, since it can be viewed as a sign of disrespect. Always let your date finish what
he or she is saying so that you would also be able to understand what they are trying to say.

9. Don’t be a whiner.
When you are on a date, one of the worst things that you can do is to become a whiner. A whiner often complains about everything, and always tell his or herself that he or she is a loser. Being a whiner on a date is not just annoying, but it can make the other
person wish that he or she did not go out with you after all.

10. Don’t be a crybaby.
A crybaby is someone who always talks about his or her past mistakes, problems, or past relationship failures. More often than not, crybabies are looking for shoulders to lean on. However, becoming a shoulder to lean on is not the main purpose of going on a date. Thus, you can’t expect your date to offer you his or her shoulder once you vent out of your feelings regarding your experiences in the past.

11. Let your date talk.
If you want your date to have a good time, then let them talk. People always appreciate it when someone asks for their opinion about something, in which they would enjoy talking about the reasons they say certain things are good or bad. To achieve this, all you actually have to do is to ask open-ended questions.

12. Talking and listening.
Some people think that they need to talk a lot in order to impress their dates. However, you need to maintain a good balance in talking and listening when you are on a date. If you are doing most of the talking, then your date may not be interested in sharing some information with you or you simply are not giving them a chance to talk.

13. Be polite but don’t overdo it.
Although opening doors to a woman is indeed a polite thing to do, it is best that you don’t overdo it. This is because women today do not want to feel like they are helpless persons. Thus, it is best if you do it with caution from this day on, so that you won’t be offending your date, by being too polite.

14. Be nice.
Being nice can mean a lot of things, especially for a guy. Nice can mean desirable, normal, presentable, trustable, helpful, or friendly; and, lots of women are actually on the lookout for the nice guys. Thus, taking note of these things can help you make a good impression on your dates.

15. Dating is discovering.
Dating is actually a stage in a relationship where you would begin to discover certain things about an individual. Thus, it is best that you have a good conversation with your date, so that you would be able to know him or her better. Knowing your date better would offer you a chance to see if you really are compatible or not.

16. Sharing common values.
Dating can provide you a chance to know whether you and your date share common values. Although sexual chemistry and sharing common interests are two important things to get started on a relationship, sharing common values is much more important, since it can cultivate a more lasting relationship. Thus, it is best that you take advantage of dating to find out more about it.

17. Do your research.
No matter how the other person shows you how he or she is interested in you, in which he or she initiates the first steps to get into a date with you, you should not be complacent and still do your research. This is because, you don’t really know what their intentions are. With thorough research, you can feel safer in dating the person, aside from the fact that it can also help you see whether he is attached or not.

18. Ask questions.
Before going into your third date, you should know whether a person is still trying to get over an ex, is married, or has just been separated. To achieve that, you need to ask questions regarding all of these. If you can’t do it on your first date, then make sure to
do it on the second date so that you are assured that you are not wasting your time on him or her.

19. Be careful in telling your date about your past relationships.
Your first and second dates are not the best times in telling your date about your past relationships. This is because it can make the other person be bored with all your past stories. You should know that your date is interested in you, and not your past. Aside from that, your information about your past relationships should not be shared with someone whom you do not trust fully yet.

20. Going to the movies.
Watching movies should not be done on your first few dates. This is because these dates should be the stage where you want to get to know each other well. When you go inside the movie theater, on top of being too dark, it won’t allow you to talk to each other well. In relation to this, on these first few dates, you should do something, which involves lots of interaction.

21. Pay attention.
Paying attention to your date is a must, if you want to make sure that you are indeed dating someone who has no issues. Paying attention can help you identify signs, which can tell you about the negative behavior of your potential partner. By doing this, you would become more aware of the things that you need to consider, on deciding whether you want to see him or her again or not.

22. Be honest.
If you are really interested about the other person, then you should not hide it. Dating should not be a game, since it can make you send out all the wrong messages. Instead, you should be as honest as possible, so that your date can also see your true self. By doing that, you would be able to build your relationship on the right path.

23. Your mobile phone.
When you are on a date, one of the things that can annoy the other person is when you stop your conversation in order to answer a call, or read a text message. Therefore, you should turn off your mobile phone or put it in silent mode, prior to sitting in front of your date at the dining table. Just answer the messages when you go to the restroom.

24. Talk about yourself positively.
You need to build yourself up in your date so that you can sell yourself effectively. Thus, you need to be aware of your positive traits. By doing that, you would be able to talk about yourself in a more positive tone, which can impress the other person. However, you need to be careful in doing it, so that you won’t become someone who is obnoxious.

25. Tell a friend or a close relative that you are going on a date.
Since there are lots of crazy people these days, it is always a good idea to tell a friend or a close relative about your date. You should tell them about the time and the venue just to be on the safe side. To feel more secure though, you can always prefer to go on a date in a more public venue.

Super Tip. Never date when you are not over your ex.
If you are not over your ex yet, then you should not go on dates. This is because your emotions can end up destroying all your dates. You might engage in self-pity while you are talking with your dates, aside from talking all about your ex and his or her shortcomings. Thus, make sure that you are completely over your ex prior to dating, so that your potential partners won’t avoid you.